Year in Review: 2016

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Was going to go with "one interminable scream," but the typography was disappointing.

So instead here is a record of my increasing reliance on Netflix escapism and kittens.

Congrats on surviving the year, folks. It's been...memorable.

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Previous Years Summed Up:





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Back in the fifth grade, close to a quarter-century ago, my class learned about the Responsibility of Parenthood by carting around egg babies for a couple of weeks.

The numbers declined slowly but steadily. Eggs were dropped, or sat upon, or mislaid. There were some particularly dramatic losses on the playground, and a few (failed) attempts to fool the teacher with unsanctioned replacements.

In short, a bunch of ten-year-old kids did pretty much what you'd expect them to do.

Well, most of them.

I'd been wondering, recently, how accurate my memory was of that time; if I'd actually taken the exercise as super, super seriously as I remembered. Had I really hand-sewn outfits? And converted an old toolbox into a plush, fully decorated mobile nursery? And started up a mini cloth diaper laundry operation at my desk?

Egg babies in their vintage duds. (click on image to enlarge)

Then I found these--still dusted with baby powder--and doubted no more.

(As an aside, it turns out that a foolproof parenting strategy for getting your kids safely into adulthood is to tuck them away, untouched, in a dark attic for 20+ years.)