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As a member of the Young Astronauts club back in 1988, I pretty much assumed that building model rockets, visiting an observatory, and tasting freeze-dried ice cream were about as far as my cosmic inclinations would ever take me.

So I am both bewildered and thrilled to announce that The League's "sometimes-humorous but mostly-accurate" guide to the sky is today's Astronomy Picture of the Day over on the NASA-affiliated APOD site! The honor of being featured alongside galaxies and nebulae is, astonishingly, even cooler than those special lunch line passes of yore.

This NASAchievement caps a recent, inexplicable flurry of social media-fueled interest in The League that inundated me with so many Facebook notifications that I was sure I'd been hacked. To all my new fans: I'm sorry I thought you were robots. It's awesome that you're real, and thanks for joining the party!

NB: Original "Astronomy 101" post -- and links to its various translations (!) -- are here.

A Few Words

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I have returned from a week in Northern California. There were innumerable noteworthy moments. But the extent of my journal entries?

"monkey ball dream speech"

"cluster shatter"

"California has so many kinds of containers!"

I'd blame the fact that I was sick as a dog the whole time, but clearly there is a precedent for such negligent behavior:

(That upside down teardrop was a nice touch, if I do say so myself.)

Well this is awkward.

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So...yeah. I would also pretend not to be feeling sick so I wouldn't miss school. 


Anyway. If you substitute "webcomic-y blog" for "journal" and "an unexpected vacation to warmer climes" for "IOWA tests," this old entry becomes 1. newly apropos and 2. significantly less nerdy.

Stay tuned for a return to slightly-more-regularly-scheduled postings.