Full-Contact Sloth

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[note to e-mail and mobile viewers: this post contains an embedded video]

Proving once and for all that I take napping to a whole new extreme, I have somehow managed to sustain a nerve injury most common to football players, car accident victims, and recently-birthed babies...by sleeping.

Because of course.

Though about as lost cause-y as it gets, this development is not great news for my League productivity (ironically?). Site repairs are on hold, and new posts may come even fewer and farther between than usual--but once I no longer have shooting pains down my arm I totally intend to make up for lost time. (Which there's been a lot of lately. Sorry about that.)

Anyway. Thanks for sticking with this crazy experiment of a blog through all its recent tribulations. To reward your patience, here's where all references to sloth should really lead: