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As a member of the Young Astronauts club back in 1988, I pretty much assumed that building model rockets, visiting an observatory, and tasting freeze-dried ice cream were about as far as my cosmic inclinations would ever take me.

So I am both bewildered and thrilled to announce that The League's "sometimes-humorous but mostly-accurate" guide to the sky is today's Astronomy Picture of the Day over on the NASA-affiliated APOD site! The honor of being featured alongside galaxies and nebulae is, astonishingly, even cooler than those special lunch line passes of yore.

This NASAchievement caps a recent, inexplicable flurry of social media-fueled interest in The League that inundated me with so many Facebook notifications that I was sure I'd been hacked. To all my new fans: I'm sorry I thought you were robots. It's awesome that you're real, and thanks for joining the party!

NB: Original "Astronomy 101" post -- and links to its various translations (!) -- are here.

Happy Second Birthday, Blog.

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So, yeah.

The League's transition to the new design has been--unsurprisingly, really--a fiasco. Since it will likely take me weeks to get everything running smoothly again, I'm forgoing a Grand Unveiling and instead allowing you access to the deeply flawed site-in-progress. Most links don't work, many features are missing, and the formatting is a mess...but my plan is to keep posting even as I painstakingly sort all of that out. Emphasis on the "pains."

Thanks for bearing with me! I promise it'll look very pretty when it's done.


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