Advice on Browsing the Store

by LoLC in ,

A quick note regarding the new League Store, hosted by for many items, size/style/color/paper type/etc. can be quickly altered to your liking (hurrah for the digital age!)--however, Zazzle's mobile site functionality appears to be limited. To access the full range of customization options, I recommend visiting the site from a non-mobile platform. 

For more detailed customization--including adding text or images of your own, changing image placement, or resizing the image(s)--click the "Customize it!" button, which brings up some easy-to-use tools for doing just that. *For posters in particular, if you change the poster size, you'll likely need to resize the image to make it fit properly.*

Please keep letting me know of issues as they arise and I'll do my best to sort them out!

In the meantime, expect a return to our regularly scheduled programming shortly.