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As a member of the Young Astronauts club back in 1988, I pretty much assumed that building model rockets, visiting an observatory, and tasting freeze-dried ice cream were about as far as my cosmic inclinations would ever take me.

So I am both bewildered and thrilled to announce that The League's "sometimes-humorous but mostly-accurate" guide to the sky is today's Astronomy Picture of the Day over on the NASA-affiliated APOD site! The honor of being featured alongside galaxies and nebulae is, astonishingly, even cooler than those special lunch line passes of yore.

This NASAchievement caps a recent, inexplicable flurry of social media-fueled interest in The League that inundated me with so many Facebook notifications that I was sure I'd been hacked. To all my new fans: I'm sorry I thought you were robots. It's awesome that you're real, and thanks for joining the party!

NB: Original "Astronomy 101" post -- and links to its various translations (!) -- are here.

Progress Report

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Remember when I celebrated my blog's 2nd birthday by totally botching its upgrade back in March?

The good news is that switching my site to a new platform seems to have utterly stymied the Eastern European hackers who used to plague it. The bad news is that it's also stymied me.

But! Progress is being made. Mind-numbingly slowly, but progress nonetheless. I need to reformat each old post individually (why was I so prolific early on?!) and there have been a number of unforeseen obstacles along the way, but the end is finally in sight and I hope to have the entire collection squared away within a week or so.

In the meantime, everything from mid-2013 to the present is pretty much good to go, and this seems as good a time as any to point out where the features you knew & loved (or were oblivious to) on the old site are now. Basically, look up: everything can be found in those neatly arranged tabs running along the top of the page.

  • The INFORMATION tab includes information about The League, answers to frequently asked questions, and a technologically advanced way to contact me.
  • The ARCHIVES page allows you to browse old posts by date or category.
  • The twelve most viewed posts are gathered together for easy access under POPULAR POSTS.
  • The League's social media offerings are viewable on the TWEETS & MORE page. As a reminder, you can follow The League on Twitter and/or "like" it on Facebook for direct access to Tweets, post announcements, and the occasional extra something.
  • Never miss a new post again! Those who wish to follow The League by feed reader or e-mail should head on over to the SUBSCRIBE page. If you were subscribed to the old site's RSS feed, you probably need to update your settings. (Though if you subscribed to the old site's feed, you're probably not reading this, since I gave you no warning of the bad. One of many oversights.)
  • As you may have guessed, you can get straight to the League Store via the STORE tab. The number of offerings continues to expand, and specific requests are always welcome.
  • Last but not least, there's a super handy SEARCH feature in the upper right corner to help you find specific posts, either by title or keyword. Yay!

So, explore away! Generally speaking, the updated site should be much easier to navigate...especially once I'm done fixing it. Stay tuned.


Keeping Track of The League

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The impending demise of Google Reader seems as good an impetus as any for a little League housekeeping. Namely, some friendly reminders:

  • If you'd like to get the latest League posts sent directly to your inbox (ooh la la!), just enter your e-mail address on the subscribe page and follow the prompts. It's easy (and free)! To activate your subscription, make sure you respond to the automated verification message that will be sent to your e-mail account. (If it doesn't show up in your Inbox, check the Spam folder for a message from FeedBurner.)

  • You can also follow The League by feed reader (fancy!). If you are currently subscribing via Google Reader and don't want to miss any posts, make sure you transfer the subscription to a new reader of your choice before July 1, 2013. [For those still searching for a replacement, I've tried four and like NewsBlur the best. But I'm hardly an expert.]

  • In an unexpected turn of events, I actually Tweet more regularly than I publish new blog posts. And while you're more than welcome to follow The League on Twitter, my Tweets can also be read right from The League site (here).

  • All blog posts and Tweets are also published to The League's Facebook page, which stands apart as the only place to find an occasional bonus photo/link/snippet of some variety. If that sort of thing entices you.  

Thanks, as always, for your interest in this particular Lost Cause!