The League's World Domination Continues Apace

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In a heartening testament to the universal appeal of stargazing, The League's sky chart has been honored with not merely a fourth translation, but its first into a Dravidian language! Many thanks to Krithika and Rajkishore for this Tamil version, now featured on the Teachers of India education site.

Admirers of astronomy humor truly are the gift that keeps on giving. That stretch of time in August 2013 when I unsocially sequestered myself in a room to draw a bunch of boxes and arrows while cousins frolicked on the beach was totally worth it!

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Too Legit to Quit

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If you arrived on this page after being handed the above by a total stranger:
congratulations--you just met one of my parents.

And welcome to the League, where business cards ordered ironically and meant to stay on one's desk as a self-taunting reminder of one's peculiar life choices occasionally get distributed by one's progenitors to hapless passersby.

Anyway, thanks for playing along. If eclectic posts at unpredictable intervals are your thing, you're totally in the right place.