What's Going On With the League

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Well hello there.

As some of you may have surmised, The League is in transition. This has not been entirely straightforward, because me.  Headquarters, dismantled in July, will remain so for a bit longer. In the interim, brothers have been wed, speeches given, babies visited, space-time bent, essential cords for useful technology misplaced. I've slept on two floors, one roof and nine beds in five states; the cat, slightly fewer.  We abide, but grow weary of doing so out of suitcases.

Much of this is due to resolve over the next few weeks. Thanks for your infinite patience! Vast improvements in League post frequency are planned from its more northerly vantage point. Though you'll perhaps be disappointed to learn that my new neighbors seem to be the quiet and unassuming type.

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The League's World Domination Continues Apace

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In a heartening testament to the universal appeal of stargazing, The League's sky chart has been honored with not merely a fourth translation, but its first into a Dravidian language! Many thanks to Krithika and Rajkishore for this Tamil version, now featured on the Teachers of India education site.

Admirers of astronomy humor truly are the gift that keeps on giving. That stretch of time in August 2013 when I unsocially sequestered myself in a room to draw a bunch of boxes and arrows while cousins frolicked on the beach was totally worth it!

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