There, we fixed it.

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How did the School Committee responsible for the high school where my archery class is held choose to address recent complaints that the knight mascot was "too violent"?

By disarming him. Obviously.

It's supersubtle.

Happy Second Birthday, Blog.

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So, yeah.

The League's transition to the new design has been--unsurprisingly, really--a fiasco. Since it will likely take me weeks to get everything running smoothly again, I'm forgoing a Grand Unveiling and instead allowing you access to the deeply flawed site-in-progress. Most links don't work, many features are missing, and the formatting is a mess...but my plan is to keep posting even as I painstakingly sort all of that out. Emphasis on the "pains."

Thanks for bearing with me! I promise it'll look very pretty when it's done.


Blog Birthdays Past:



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Facts that can be gleaned about my preschool self from a plate I made thirty-one years ago this month:

1. I acknowledged the existence of my older brother,

2. I was hyper-attuned to navels and nostrils, and

3. My grasp of human anatomy was otherwise tenuous at best.

All these years later, two out of three are still true!

Happy birthday, mybrother.

Thanks for the endless fodder, and I'm glad you actually have extremities and a neck.

Well, so much for February.

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Hi, people.

I'm still here.
The cat is still here.
We have been distracted by life, blizzards, saucers of milk, new bedding, etc.

But our lost causiness is very much intact, and The League has not been forgotten! In fact, a major design overhaul is in the works, so brace yourselves for that magnificence.

In the meantime, I finally got around to updating the League Store, which now boasts 68 (!) bumper stickers and several long since requested items, including "Complimentary" cards and wearable reminders of lab safety. So if browsing is your thing, that should help pass the time.

Thanks for being patient!