A Momentous Occasion

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January 20, 2017

The only inauguration of note being that of this fellow as the 9th Cat of Me.

With 1.5 ears and 2 cracked teeth from once subsisting on rocks, Betabi seems more than qualified to teach me a thing or two about surviving the savage wastelands. Sure is a dust magnet, though.

While I Continue to Catch My Breath

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Still reeling in horror from recent events, but the 140-characters-or-less medium has proven a less daunting one to tackle.

Happy caloric escapism to all!

There, I Fixed It

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[note to e-mail and mobile viewers: this post contains an embedded video]

Finally found a way to make this election cycle (slightly) more bearable.

Stay strong, people! One way or the other, the end is nigh.