Astronomy 101

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Internet access is unreliable in the great outdoors! Reference this handy flow chart on tangible objects from the League Store.

13 TRANSLATIONS AND COUNTING! Thanks to the efforts of everyone who's helped expand the global footprint (eyeprint?) of this chart. All known versions are listed below and more are always welcome--feel free to get in touch via comment or the League's contact page.  

  • Spanish, Italian, and Polish are here.

  • First Dravidian appearance: Tamil, here.

  • Joined shortly thereafter by Kannada, here.

  • Latvian joins in here.

  • Followed by Norwegian, featured here.

  • Arabic and Dutch are together, here.

  • Turkish, Hungarian, Portuguese and German versions are here, with only mild scolding.


"SOMETIMES-HUMOROUS BUT MOSTLY-ACCURATE": In June 2014, this sky guide enjoyed some cosmically impressive company over on the NASA-affiliated Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD) site and the League shared its excitement here. A repeat appearance in September 2017 was a pleasant surprise. Thanks, APOD!