Astronomy 101

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Internet access is unreliable in the great outdoors! Reference this handy flow chart on tangible objects from the League Store.

  • ¿Hablas español? Thanks to the expert translation of Felipe at the Chilean astronomy site Cosmo Noticias, a Spanish version of this chart is now available here.

  • Parli italiano? The efforts of Gwendalyne have made this chart trilingual; read it in Italian on her blog, found over here.

  • Mówisz po polsku? Polish-speaking astrophiles, you are in luck: yet another translated version of this chart is featured on the Kocham Kosmos site, here.

  • Polyglot and/or fan of consolidation? All four versions of the chart can be seen together here.


 EXCITING UPDATE: As of June 2014, this chart's enjoying some cosmically impressive company over on the NASA-affiliated Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD) site! The League remains flabbergasted.


MAY 2015 UPDATE:  Both Tamil and Kannada versions of this chart now exist (!) thanks to Krithika, Jaikumar and Rajkishore; check them out on the Teachers of India education site, here (Tamil) and here (Kannada).


JUNE 2016 UPDATE: Apparently there's also a Latvian version, here. All six (known) translations are playing nicely together at a League post here.


FEBRUARY 2017 UPDATE: An under-the-radar Norwegian translation has popped up here