Make That Tredecim

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An unexpected plunge down the rabbit hole of intellectual property misuse today, but grateful that three of these unauthorized Astronomy 101 translations at least sort of credited the original? (Tsk tsk, thieving ZDFinfo). 

The League remains pleased by the enthusiasm of skywatchers around the world, and always says "yes" to translation requests, so feel free to ask! Apparently Turkish, Hungarian, Portuguese and German are now covered, but that still leaves plenty :-). 

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Turkish (posted on Uzaydan Haberler)

Portuguese (source unknown)

Hungarian (posted on MLZPhoto)

German (source unknown)



Novem Linguae

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The best part of having the League's sky chart featured as NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day again back on September 24th was getting asked about more translations. I love seeing this thing continue to make its way around the world four years on.

My thanks to Ahmad and Marc for these Arabic and Dutch versions (bringing the total translations up to nine!), and happy skywatching to all.

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Dutch, with addition of "Iridium flare" (posted on personal FB page)

How to Write "Retinas" in Seven Languages and Counting

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A welcome surprise yesterday to discover a translation of the League's sky chart lurking on a Latvian website, bringing the (known) total to another pleasing symmetry . Would that all of humanity had the same spirit of international camaraderie as astronomy fans.

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Spanish (posted on Cosmo Noticias)

Polish (posted on Kocham Kosmos)

Tamil (posted on Teachers of India)

Italian (posted on Il blog della Curiosona)

Kannada (posted on Teachers of India)

Latvian (posted on StarSpace)

Oh, Kannada!

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Hot on the heels of the Tamil translation, I hereby present the newest--and most lavender--version of The League's internationally acclaimed guide to celestial illumination! Thanks to Jaikumar and Rajkishore for this Kannada translation, which joins its Dravidian fellow over on the Teachers of India education site.

Only 5,998-ish languages to go!

Kannada (click on image to see in full screen)

The League's World Domination Continues Apace

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In a heartening testament to the universal appeal of stargazing, The League's sky chart has been honored with not merely a fourth translation, but its first into a Dravidian language! Many thanks to Krithika and Rajkishore for this Tamil version, now featured on the Teachers of India education site.

Admirers of astronomy humor truly are the gift that keeps on giving. That stretch of time in August 2013 when I unsocially sequestered myself in a room to draw a bunch of boxes and arrows while cousins frolicked on the beach was totally worth it!

Tamil (click on image to see in full screen)