My Cat Would Be a Subpar Spokesmodel

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[note to e-mail and mobile viewers: this post contains two embedded videos]

As some of you already know, my second/other/remaining cat, Ginger, has been showing her age over the past few months, perhaps feeling left out of the recent spate of memorial posts.

Among other issues, Ginger has hyperthyroidism, which usually makes cats hyperactive and food-obsessed. Unsurprisingly, she opted for the less common "apathetic" version, which does the opposite. As a result she spends a lot of time lying around the apartment playing dead, which is about as delightful as it sounds. Nights have been long. So maybe it was inevitable that after seeing this commercial for the Cat's Meow toy dozens of times, I finally succumbed and ordered one:

How could I resist, really? The cats look so energetic! And the girls at the 1:15 mark are clearly having the best day of their lives.

After two days of watching Ginger's interactions with the new toy, it's obvious that she won't be featured in the ads anytime soon--but for a cat with pathological apathy, she sure makes a valiant effort: