Full-Contact Sloth

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Proving once and for all that I take napping to a whole new extreme, I have somehow managed to sustain a nerve injury most common to football players, car accident victims, and recently-birthed babies...by sleeping.

Because of course.

Though about as lost cause-y as it gets, this development is not great news for my League productivity (ironically?). Site repairs are on hold, and new posts may come even fewer and farther between than usual--but once I no longer have shooting pains down my arm I totally intend to make up for lost time. (Which there's been a lot of lately. Sorry about that.)

Anyway. Thanks for sticking with this crazy experiment of a blog through all its recent tribulations. To reward your patience, here's where all references to sloth should really lead:


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Facts that can be gleaned about my preschool self from a plate I made thirty-one years ago this month:

1. I acknowledged the existence of my older brother,

2. I was hyper-attuned to navels and nostrils, and

3. My grasp of human anatomy was otherwise tenuous at best.

All these years later, two out of three are still true!

Happy birthday, mybrother.

Thanks for the endless fodder, and I'm glad you actually have extremities and a neck.