Catless Lady

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Ginger (~1999 to August 24, 2016)

Her early years passed amongst New York City's criminal element, Ginger spent the next twelve basking in a decidedly more tranquil life, the only vestige of her gritty background a strident, weaponized meow. She was a world-class nestler and top-notch napper, but would spring into action at the merest hint of a measuring tape, her chase toy of choice (runner up: rulers). A devotee of dairy products, Ginger had recently been introduced to spray whipped cream and thoroughly approved. We shared a fondness for croissants.

Across three states and nine homes, this intrepid feline selflessly assessed the quality of my beds, expertly trained me to indulge her very particular water-drinking preferences, warmed my lap, and calmly tolerated my shenanigans.

Ginger was as devoted and adoring a companion as they come. She will be deeply missed.

How to Write "Retinas" in Seven Languages and Counting

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A welcome surprise yesterday to discover a translation of the League's sky chart lurking on a Latvian website, bringing the (known) total to another pleasing symmetry . Would that all of humanity had the same spirit of international camaraderie as astronomy fans.

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