Universal Truths

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Today's discovery of a Norwegian translation of my astronomy chart is a timely and welcome reminder that science doesn't much care about geopolitical boundaries, and much of humanity gazes at our shared sky with equal wonder. It's a nice thought.

If you get a chance, I encourage anybody with clear skies to watch tomorrow's (Friday, February 10, 2017) lunar eclipse. Venus is also pretty awesome these days, and the eagle-eyed should try to spot Comet 45P! There's a lot going on in our galaxy, and most of it is gloriously silent.

Norwegian, with addition of "Iridium flare" (posted on tv2)

A Momentous Occasion

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January 20, 2017

The only inauguration of note being that of this fellow as the 9th Cat of Me.

With 1.5 ears and 2 cracked teeth from once subsisting on rocks, Betabi seems more than qualified to teach me a thing or two about surviving the savage wastelands. Sure is a dust magnet, though.

Catless Lady

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Ginger (~1999 to August 24, 2016)

Her early years passed amongst New York City's criminal element, Ginger spent the next twelve basking in a decidedly more tranquil life, the only vestige of her gritty background a strident, weaponized meow. She was a world-class nestler and top-notch napper, but would spring into action at the merest hint of a measuring tape, her chase toy of choice (runner up: rulers). A devotee of dairy products, Ginger had recently been introduced to spray whipped cream and thoroughly approved. We shared a fondness for croissants.

Across three states and nine homes, this intrepid feline selflessly assessed the quality of my beds, expertly trained me to indulge her very particular water-drinking preferences, warmed my lap, and calmly tolerated my shenanigans.

Ginger was as devoted and adoring a companion as they come. She will be deeply missed.

How to Write "Retinas" in Seven Languages and Counting

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A welcome surprise yesterday to discover a translation of the League's sky chart lurking on a Latvian website, bringing the (known) total to another pleasing symmetry . Would that all of humanity had the same spirit of international camaraderie as astronomy fans.

(click on images to enlarge)

Spanish (posted on Cosmo Noticias)

Polish (posted on Kocham Kosmos)

Tamil (posted on Teachers of India)

Italian (posted on Il blog della Curiosona)

Kannada (posted on Teachers of India)

Latvian (posted on StarSpace)

What's Going On With the League

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Well hello there.

As some of you may have surmised, The League is in transition. This has not been entirely straightforward, because me.  Headquarters, dismantled in July, will remain so for a bit longer. In the interim, brothers have been wed, speeches given, babies visited, space-time bent, essential cords for useful technology misplaced. I've slept on two floors, one roof and nine beds in five states; the cat, slightly fewer.  We abide, but grow weary of doing so out of suitcases.

Much of this is due to resolve over the next few weeks. Thanks for your infinite patience! Vast improvements in League post frequency are planned from its more northerly vantage point. Though you'll perhaps be disappointed to learn that my new neighbors seem to be the quiet and unassuming type.

(click on image to see in full screen)

Oh, Kannada!

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Hot on the heels of the Tamil translation, I hereby present the newest--and most lavender--version of The League's internationally acclaimed guide to celestial illumination! Thanks to Jaikumar and Rajkishore for this Kannada translation, which joins its Dravidian fellow over on the Teachers of India education site.

Only 5,998-ish languages to go!

Kannada (click on image to see in full screen)